Cuisine UFO 02: Which One Is Better!? Orion VS Lotte Choco Pie

Hello~ Do you like sweets? It is something that can warm my heart, and brighten my day, so I LOVE it! (-´ ᗢ `-)~❁

Being born and raised at Hong Kong, I’m so lucky that I get to try all kinds of sweets from different countries, mainly from Japan. In the Seven-Elevens at Hong Kong, they have all different kinds of candies, sweets, and so many soft drinks from Japan (there are also some imported from other countries, but not many), and Seven-Elevens are EVERYWHERE at Hong Kong, within 5 minute walk from everywhere (even from home)!


Japanese candies!~*:・゚✧


These are some other brands from other countries.

Today, I want to talk about this chocolate pie, and the brands that make them.

This is the chocolate pie:


It is different from the usual pie, kind of like smores, it is about the size of an adult’s palm.


There are 2 brands that make it: ORION and LOTTE.

ORION is a Korean brand. 

LOTTE is a Japanese brand, but its headquarter is in South Korea.

For some reason, my friends who are born and raised in Asia as well, all said that ORION makes better Choco Pie than LOTTE. Sadly, I agree.


However, at the Asian market that is close to my house, usually only sells LOTTE Choco Pie… Why~~ (ι´Д`)ノ

But this day! This is the day they selling ORION Choco Pie!!

OH BOY!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

So I immediately buy two for myself and one for my Taiwanese friend.


NOTE: The taste is only depends on people, the opinions above are only from my friends and I, doesn’t represent the opinion of everyone in the world.

Unfortunately they only sell one or the other in the super market, so I’m showing you a bit more detail on ORION’s, and I found some pictures off the Internet about LOTTE’s. Here are the differences between ORION and LOTTE Choco Pie:

  • They look both the same, but I feel like LOTTE’s texture is drier, and ORION’s is more moist.
  • To make sure you buy the right brand for your taste, notice both of their brands are placed on the top left of their own boxes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Below shows what inside the box looks like, both are in individual package. Sizes are the same.

Both of them are part of my happy memories of my childhood, so I like them both, so please stay on the market both of you, LOTTE-chan, ORION-chan, they are like sister brands to me, hahaha~~

That’s all for this post, thank you for reading! See you next time!!

(-´ ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧



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