Secret Potion 01: That Magic Of Photoshop

Hello cosplay lover~ No matter you are a cosplayer, a cosplay photographer, or simply like to look at cosplay photos, it is a general knowledge that Photoshop is part of the process before a cosplay photo goes out to the world.


Photoshop is Cosplayer’s friend


Photoshop is part of the art of cosplay as well, for example, there is no way a normal person can do “Kamekameha”, therefore, it is touch up artist’s work to Photoshop it into the photo, and make it look real.


If you don’t know what “Kamekameha” is, it is an action, and this is what it looks like.

As of now, I can only do some simple touch up, such as smooth the skin, fix the makeup, etc. and I’m still learning haha~ (´ヘ`;)

If anyone can teach me how to Photoshop better, please help me!~~ (ι´Д`)ノ

To make a cosplay and its photos go perfect, team work is required (unless you are a master in every way). Some people might be talented in makeup, some are talented in hair styling, some are talented in making props, some talented in making the costume, some are talented in Photoshop, etc. you get the point, haha~~

(*´∀`*人*´∀`*) Go team work!

Right now, I don’t have many friends I know that do cosplay, so I just learn how to do everything off from the Internet.

For Photoshop, I only learned how to do color balance, fix the shape of an object through liquefy filter, that’s about it (つд`)

These are something that I know:

For color balance:


Click on the middle button on the bottom right screen, it is a button for creating new fill or adjustment layer.


After click on color balance, the properties will show up, here is how to balance:


Cyan can reduce yellowness on the picture, it will also make skin looks paler, character will look more lifeless. 

Red will make the skin looks more tan/burn, the character looks sunnier.

Magenta adds pinkness to the skin, usually use more on cute, fantasy photo.

Green adds creepiness to the photo.

Yellow adds cool warmness to the photo.

Blue add dignified atmosphere, also slightly creepy.

For liquify:


Find liquify option on top of the screen, choose “Liquify…” option labelled keyboard option “Shift+Ctrl+X”


On the left side:

  1. You can use this filter to shape the object without losing its pixles. (button highlighted in pink)
  2. Button highlighted in orange is for shrinking a spot.
  3. Button highlighted in blue is for enlarging

On the right side:

Highlighted spot is for brush size and its pressure (pressure is only available for the button highlighted in pink.

That’s all for this post, thank you for reading! See you next time!!

(-´ ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧




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