Poison Testing 02: Self Hair Bleach And Dye Test

Hello! Have you ever tried self-dying your hair? What about self-bleach?

Earlier during this year, I self-bleached and dyed my hair, and here are the pictures of the progress and result.

After the first bleach that done by my friend, I felt like I looked like a Zebra, so I decided to bleach it by myself…

This is the second bleach, still little off between lines, but looks better!

The thrid bleach I used purple toner, so some parts looks gray.

And here is the final result!


I couldn’t remember how much did it costed me, but I’m sure it was much less the salon would costed me.

However, I paid more time to finish the whole experienment till I get to the color I wanted, and it only…

It only…

It only lasted for

3 DAYS!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Just want to let you know, it wasn’t really worth it.. so if you want to bleach and dye your hair, save yourself some time, and go get it done in a salon by professions! XD

Although it wasn’t worth the cost on time, but I had fun!

That’s all for this post, thank you for reading! See you next time!!

(-´ `-)/~*:・゚





4 thoughts on “Poison Testing 02: Self Hair Bleach And Dye Test

  1. Are used to bleach my hair when I was in high school. It was a gradual process. I did a little bit at a time maybe once every week. I went very gradually until my hair went to the lightest shade and then I went to platinum blonde. I had a relaxer so had to hack off all my hair after that but it was fun. Back then there was no Manic Panic. There are some very safe products out there don’t remember the names but you can do it at home safely and with minimum hassle.

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    1. I agree that bleaching hair takes so much time and patients; I actually did lots of research before I bleach my hair, but at the end I was too lazy, and wanting to finish the process in one step, now my hair is so dry and breaks very easily.

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