Matcha Spell 02: Matcha Chocolat Try Out!

Do you like green tea – Matcha?

I’m crazy about matcha, it is a flavor that can basically apply to all kinds of food and drinks, and it’s good for your body too!


Last time I talked about the green tea ginger ale, and this time I found some matcha chocolate at Daiso, Valentine’s Day is coming up, let’s talk about chocolate!


They have these 2 boxes of matcha chocolate, one of them looks like Meiji Meltyblend (except it’s a smaller box, in a cheaper price tho!), the other box has 2 kinds of matcha chocolate in it.


Let’s try the meltyblend-ish chocolate first! (≧∇≦)/02

Open! Wow~ Fancy print inside the box and the packages for each chocolate!


Woo~~ The smell just fly out as soon as the package for the chocolate is opened.


Bite size, I think it’s the same size as the meltyblends.05

Excuse my bite mark, I guess it is because of the cold weather? The chocolate is a little hard to bite into…06

Now let’s move on to the next box! (*≧▽≦)07

Po-po-po—opened! Also fancy print onside the box and on each chocolate packages~08

Also bite size, and it taste kind of the same.09

This one should have some liquid inside (according the picture outside the box)10

Ah– It doesn’t have any liquid… and it has more chocolate more than matcha.11

Overall, I like the meltyblend-ish chocolate more than the other box, it also has more in one box than the other one.12

I like this design one these boxes, that way the chocolate won’t fly out of the box and go all over the place… (everything is possible)13

Hope you like this post about these matcha chocolat, thank you for reading; and as always, see you next post~ 

(-´ ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧


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