J.04: That Magical Hairdresser *✲゚*。✧

Wakakaka!!! I Finally dye my hair again!

My mom was here last week, and she wanted to get a touch up on her roots, so I just get my hair dyed at the same time; after all, it was a 1 hour drive from home to the salon (to be honest, I don’t like 1 hour drives.. (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ)!! My mom is so picky about her hair, she came across this hairdresser once, and it was like love at first sight (on the skill the hairdresser mix the color dye for match my mom’s hair color)!

This time I try to do purple again, but it’s from purple to magenta, and no “I’m dyeing the end deeper color so it will last longer” stuff like that. (ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)✧


I was busy talking with the hairdressers and my sister, by the way my sister got me to re watch Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog), and it’s so addicting! (this is why my mom concerns that I can’t grow up) (つω⊂* )  Yea.. so I was busy watching Keroro Gunso as well…

I forgot to take any pictures…
Sorry!! (ノ∀\*)

But this is the result! Ta-da! (Bad makeup day (ノ∀\*))1st-day

Ahh! Dammit! The color is So Good! I LOVE IT!! ෆු(*˃ர்˂*)ෆු

As of today, my hair color still look the same, after 4 washes. ╰(✧∇✧╰)todays

Whale~ Amazing hairdresser is worth fell in love for, because they know the magic.


P.S.: My mom made me this long rainbow scarf, isn’t it pretty? I love it. ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

That’s it for today, thanks for reading. Have a magical day!!

Till next time~

(-´  ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧




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