Gala 222: ฅ(⌯ ̳͒• ɪ • ̳͒⌯)nya~ฅ(⌯ ̳͒• ɪ • ̳͒⌯)nya~ฅ(⌯ ̳͒• ɪ • ̳͒⌯)nya~Day

Happy hump day! It’s time to think about what to do on the weekend at work! (Just kidding, think about it during break time**)

Today is February 22nd, in Japan, this day is Cat Day, because 2.22 in Japanese, it sounds like the sound of the cats: “Nyan~ Nyan~ Nyan~” ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ♡

Japan is a cat lovers country, they love, respect, and own a lot of cats – about 10 million (according to The Washington Post’s article – Japan is celebrating its 27th annual Cat Day today, also known as Nyan Nyan Nyan day

One of the famous cats in Japanese history is a station master and operating officer named Tama (yes, cats in Japan can work at an Electric Railway station), who’s been working at Kishi Station in Wakayama, Japan since January 5, 2007.



Tama is the cat who saved Kishi Station, a station that was facing financial problem; so many people came to this station because of Tama. The eletric railway company even make a themed train of Tama, named “Tama Densha(Train).”

In 2009, Tama Densha unveiled —


Tama was born on April 29, 1999, and she died on June 22, 2015 (Age 16=human age 80) due to heart failure.


After Tama died, the station hosted a funeral for her, and created “Tama Temple” in memory of Tama. (=^‥^=) (Credit: Wikipedia

From this story, we can tell cats are important animal in Japanese culture, and I’m so glad that 222 day exist, because cats are so cute, they deserve a day to celebrate their existence.

That’s all for today’s blog, sorry for the delate… If you’re a cat lover, hope you get to spend time with a cat (or cats) today. Happy Nyan~ Nyan~ Nyan~ Day! ฅ(⌯ ̳͒• ɪ • ̳͒⌯)nya~ン

Till next time~

(-´  ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧



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