J.06: Don’t Mind Me, Just Cleaning out Mushrooms~

Gaaa!!~~ I left my blog grow mushrooms again!….

It’s been a crazy semester for me this spring, but I sure had a lot of fun! (although, that left me no progress for costume making…)

Today, I wanna talk about something I have been thinking lately that is slightly, related to 2nd dimension lover (and of course, cosplay lover too).

I don’t know is it because of my age, or 2017 is just a great year for wedding, but I notice lots of people around me are having a wedding (thank goodness they’re few years older than me), and even more are going to weddings; and you know, as a non-married young person, you sure will get people asking you: “When is your turn~?” I was a little tipsy that moment when my grandma asked me, so I said: “Soon.” What I meant “soon” is probably in 5-8 years, and I assume everyone thinks that same, but apparently my grandma probably thinking soon is like – 3 years or less..? so I guess I shocked her a little.

Here is one of the weddings I went this year, it was beautiful, I didn’t see any cute boys at the wedding, so here is all the pictures I took at the wedding (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵) pictures of people are on my mom’s photo haha~

Other than the relatives ask you, you also get your mom, who attended the wedding with you, concern about your future, especially when you love cosplay…in an Asian family.

I can say, my mom has never tell me not to do anything, she is the kind of people who tell their kids to do whatever they want, as long as we think about the consequence and will take the responsibility; but lately, I don’t know is it because she is getting old (oops, not her, I’m getting old), she seems like trying to stop me from doing what I like: Art, selling handmade accessories, create my own brand, and yea, cosplay.

The reason she told me to stop cosplaying is ridiculous to me, she said: “You’re an adult, and cosplaying will just seems really weird to other people, and you will never get a boyfriend if you keep cosplaying.”

Um… what?

First of all, she should see how many people are cosplaying in the conventions,

Secondly, why does this have to do with my love life; if my future partner can’t accept that I cosplay, well then so long pal! I ain’t giving up my hobby, life without doing something you love, you passionate about, it’s not life! And if your partner can’t accept who you’re, then they’re the wrong person.

Of course I didn’t say that to my mom, after all, she is mom, and mom is always right (in her mind), so I just let it go.

let it go gif.gif

What do you think? Does cosplay affect your life with your significant other? Or with anyone? Comment down below and let me know!

Thank you for reading! See you next time!

(-´  ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧
P.S.: Anime Expo is in 3 weeks! How exciting!

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