AX17 File-04: Anime Expo 2017 Pictures


How is your summer? Staying cool?

I had so much fun at AX this year!!

If you follow my other social media sites, you probably knew already that I didn’t complete one of my costumes TvT

But I rather to do a wonderful cosplay than rush out a sloppy cosplay and ruined the character. (Although, my last day was a rush job, but that one was just for fun, it wasn’t a serious cosplay wwwwww)

Here is my 4 days of AX 2017!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you were at AX too, let me know if you have cosplayed or where did you go to enjoy the event! I’m still a little shrimp at AX haha~

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy this post, and I’ll see you next post!

(-´ ᗢ `-)/~❁*:・゚✧


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